In October 2021, the Aga Khan Museum and The Book and the Silk Roads team launched an exhibition at the Aga Khan Museum, “Hidden Stories: Books Along the Silk Roads” (October 2021–February 2022), co-curated by Suzanne Akbari (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton) and Filiz Çakır Phillip (Aga Khan Museum). These videos introduce the microCT research of the BSR network showcased as part of the exhibition.

Learn more about this exhibition on the Hidden Stories: Books Along the Silk Road digital exhibit.


In December 2019, co-PI Suzanne Akbari delivered a public lecture at the Institute for Advanced Study, What is the Value of the Humanities?


Zoom through this closeup of the spine of Fisher MSS 01106, with the help of Grasselli's Geomechanics Group and the software Fiji (ImageJ).


"Who writes global history? How and for whom? And why now?" Co-PI Suzanne Akbari joined Sebastian Conrad, Nicola di Cosmo, and Francesca Trivellato in a roundtable on global history at the Institute for Advanced Study, February 2020. 

The University of Iowa's Mellon Sawyer seminar series, Cultural and Textual Exchanges: the Manuscript Across Premodern Eurasia, provides an excellent overview of Silk Roads manuscript cultures.